Norman Weaver

Book jackets

Norman Weaver designed and painted book jackets for many well-known authors, including Alistair MacLean and Desmond Bagley.  Examples of some of his work are shown in this section.

Alistair MacLean

Once again, I have tried to find examples of as many bookjackets illustratred by my father as I can, but a lot of these have been redesigned over the years, or are now out of print.  As a result, I have been searching the Internet and eBay for any copies still available, and the following are those I have managed to find.  However, if anyone out there has anything else (the credit to the illustrator is generally inside the front cover), please let me know!

The first jackets were for a series of books by Alistair MacLean:

Desmond Bagley

These are followed by three bookjackets for titles by Desmond Bagley.  I particularly like the first one, which I thought was a very imaginative combination of a human skull and opium poppy head - Dad was rather pleased to have come up with the idea too!


My thanks to Ken Hatherley for contacting me via the website to see whether I would be interested in buying the original artwork for the cover of this book... needless to say, I was!  He kindly also supplied a copy of the book jacket, which we noticed was slightly different from the original, but Ken (who designed the book jacket) seems to remember that Dad submitted both illustrations, and only one was chosen.

Various book covers

The remainder are a sundry mix of authors and subjects