Norman Weaver


A few family details...


Most of the previous content has been concerned with my Dad's work, but my sister pointed out to me that I hadn't included any details about his family, so here goes:

Since setting up this website I have been delighted to have received e-mails from many people who have stumbled across it and contacted me.  This wasn't something I had anticipated, and it has been a real joy to rekindle some old memories and meet new friends.

Some people had worked with my Dad, some have had a particular interest in certain illustrations or advertising campaigns, some have recognised relatives or colleagues from the war photos, and asked for any information I could provide.  I have discovered a few long-lost friends and relatives of my own.  It's been great fun catching up with people remembered from a long time ago, and many e-mails and photos have been exchanged - I've even discovered a cousin!

So, if there are any more of you out there who think you might remember the Weaver family, Norman was married to Bid and had two daughters, Penny and Sarah.  We lived in a thatched cottage in Worcester Park as we were growing up, but eventually all moved across to the Isle of Wight.   Both our parents have since died, but Penny and I still live on the Island with our respective families.

Penny is a retired nurse and lives in Shanklin.  Her daughter Zelie and family live close by, and she has two sons, Matt and Robbie, who live on the mainland.  Matt is married with a daughter and son, lives in Norfolk and has a degree in archeology, but also works as an ODP, and Robbie lives in Brighton with his wife, daughter and son, and works as an insurance broker.

I am married to Neil, and we have two "children" - Daniel is 35 and is a commercial pilot, and Becky, at 34, is following in her grandfather's footsteps and having gained a degree in graphic design and photography, is now gaining a wide following for her own artwork.  She is showing great talent and I know Norman would have been proud of her work.  We live in a converted barn, with dogs, chickens, etc. and we let out a second barn as a holiday let, which has been converted for use by disabled visitors.  See